Emma Pilkington & Zoë Glasson / by Jon Lee

Athlete: Emma Pilkington
Affiliation: Functional Strength
Profile: NZ Olympic Weightlifting Athlete, Crossfit Athlete, Coach

Athlete: Zoë Glasson
Affiliation: Crossfit Quattro/Functional Strength
Profile: Competitive Crossfit Athlete, Media Student

Both Emma and Zoë are athletes that I've known since my early Crossfit days back in Wellington, NZ. Emma especially, has been an athlete that has featured in quite a number of my projects and I'm glad that I've had this opportunity to work with both of them again. 

My documentary today, however, isn't about their participation in any particular competitive event but a rehabilitation session instead. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, both Emma and Zoë has had surgeries done and are currently going through a period of recovery and rehabilitation.

I hope these photos are able to provide you with a glimpse of their determination and dedication to recover and return as stronger athletes - both physically and mentally.